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The Story of Aromatherapy Manila

Aromatherapy Manila all started with my simple desire to bring the spa ambiance to my home. Walking into my bedroom and getting a whiff of lovely calming scents was simply heaven to me. I noticed that my favorite scents evoked positive feelings which somehow brought me peace. I hope you will also experience the same positive and relaxing vibe when you use our products.  

Aromatherapy Manila is a local brand promoting wellness through products which I hope can help uplift your well being via scent therapy. We offer reed diffusers, room sprays, scented soy candles, foaming hand wash and body butter (lotion). Created with much care and love,  our products bring forth aromas which are said to enhance psychological & physical well being. ​

I hope that you will love our line up of quality goods. For each order, I will make sure that you will receive it beautifully wrapped to give you a smile from the moment you get the package up to the last drop of our product. Enjoy!  

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