This set contains two (2) 50 ml reed diffusers in your choice of Aromatherapy Manila Signature Scents. Each of our 50ml sized Reed Diffusers lasts 2-4 months. Aromatherapy Manila Reed diffusers are an effective way to keep your room gently scented all day long without the hassle of burning candles or plugging in an electronic diffuser. Simply place the reed sticks in your reed diffuser bottle, let it soak and it will release uplifting scents for your to enjoy. We would suggest to invert the reed sticks every few weeks to help refresh the wonderful aroma in your room.This set comes to you elegantly wrapped and ready for gift giving. Kindly specify two scents of your choice in the field provided.


Our Signature Scents are: Relax (Spearmint) -helps one de-stress, keep calm and relax. Try it & simply feel zen.​Dream (English Lavender) -helps improve sleep quality. Use it to feel rejuvenated after restful night of good quality sleep.​Revitalize (Mandarin Orange) - uplifts one's mood, keeps you alert & helps promote pleasant thoughts.​​Breathe Clean (Warm Cotton) - has the aroma of freshly washed laundry and crisp spring air. Try it and have clean & fresh feeling all day. ​Refresh (Fresh Lemon - helps one feel refreshed & revived. Use it and feel energised for the day.​Serenity (Fresh Bamboo) - has a distinctly clean and refreshing aroma of the lush green bamboo of the tropics. It is a scent which attracts love, joy & other peaceful emotions.​Clarity (Green Tea) - helps improve mental focus and relax the mind. This is best used if you need to concentrate, de-stress or feel serene.​Amour (French Vanilla) - scent exudes sensuality & brings forth a happy mood. Use it to release the aroma of warmth and indulgence​Christmas Pine (limited edition) - has a musky and woody scent of freshly cut pine trees blended with the fragrance of holiday spices. Its aroma brings forth the joy of the season.

Reed Diffuser Gift Set of Two